Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah, it's been a while... a long while. My last post was from when my niece was born. In the meantime I have been to Germany, met my niece, and I love her like mad already. We are done with our first term at Village Home, and now have a seven week break, and I have written 30,000 words of a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month.

Thanksgiving this year will be at my house. And Shady Lady and Princess are going to join us for it. Yay! :)

Thanksgiving is not a holiday we celebrated in Germany, and when I just moved to America it didn't mean much to me at all. As a matter of fact, for the first 6.5 years that I lived in Arizona, Thanksgiving was always a bit of a drag. Don't get me wrong, I loved being with the in-laws, have a big family get-together and all. But, and this was a bit of a downer, I never liked their food. I hated the stuffing, wasn't in love with the turkey, really really did not like the thick gooey gravy, and could never warm up to pumpkin pie. I don't like the taste of pumpkin, and then there is this texture issue... Every year I'd ask my in-laws what I could bring to Thanksgiving. Of course everyone in the family already had their traditional dishes and side dishes they were bringing. And so, to be nice to the German intruder, I was given small assignments like salad... and one year even red cabbage. In the beginning I brought a traditional German cake. Well, as it turns out, they didn't like MY food either. They ate all of theirs and didn't touch mine. I think I finally gave up asking in my 5th year. There was no use. Thanksgiving was not my holiday, and I was never going to make the right thing. So why bother?

Of course then we moved to Oregon, and when my friend HerbiFaery invited me to Thanksgiving I gladly accepted. What else was I going to do? Thanksgiving wasn't MY holiday after all. It was a lovely day at HerbiFaery's house with her family... but still I felt like an intruder. It didn't feel quite right. And so last year I decided we were staying home. Thanksgiving was celebrated just by us, Ogre, Toothless Fairy, Blue Eyed Boy and myself. We ate roasted turkey, delicious Such Lovely Freckles gravy, beans, and mashed potatoes. Ogre made a pumpkin pie, that I didn't eat. He also made sweet potatoes with marshmallows, which absolutely cannot and will not eat. Potatoes and marshmallows... I mean, come on, really??? :-) Well, either way, it was a good day, and most importantly, it was MINE. Thanksgiving was MY holiday at last.

Today, Shady Lady will bring the cranberries and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Ogre will roast the turkey, and I will make the beans, the mashed potatoes and the gravy. No stuffing! I will make pumpkin pie for them, and apple pie for me. And something tells me it will be a wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. I hope that your Thanksgiving can be truly YOURS, the way that MINE is MINE. I am extremely grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life.


  1. I for one am looking forward to the pumpkin pie and the marshmallow potatoes, as well as the turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and SLF gravy and cranberries (not from a can, thank you very much). I will miss the Lizard King's stuffing, though. He makes his mother's recipe. It's simple. Not a bunch of crap added to it. And it's oh so good...and dense...and tasty. Okay, I'm really going to miss his stuffing. I think he has to make stuffing when he is home on leave.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm with you on the sweet potatoes and marshmallows...yikes. However, we part ways in opinion when it comes to pumpkin pie...I could eat that every single day.

    Good on you for making the holiday your own. Congrats.

  3. Oh and I am also looking forward to spending the day with my best friend. And Princess is looking forward to a day with her friends, too. Thank you so much for having us today!

  4. I love having Thanksgiving at our house. I can make what I want and HOW I want. Must be the control freak in me but luckily my in-laws don't mind and gladly allow me to cook and clean all day. Really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I hope you all had a great time and ate your fill of all your favorites!

  5. I totally understand how you feel, honestly I think every family does Thanksgiving different and you are just use to the foods you like. It's weird being on the other side here where there is no Thanksgiving and hard to find certain fixins. But like you said it's about making it your own way. Hope you had a happy day surrounded by those you love.

  6. Welcome back - I have been a slack little blogger as well.

  7. Its so nice to see you back!

    Thanksgiving doesn't have much of a sentimental meaning for me either . I can take it or leave it. And I've lived here my whole life, lol